On Tuesday, the Deputy Minister of National Defense provided the Parliamentary National Defense Committee with information on the activities of the Smolensk Subcommittee. He explained that as of July 30, when the committee members were presented with the results of the subcommittee, from the viewpoint of the Minister of National Defense, there were no new procedures or ingredients that he could present during the committee’s deliberations.

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“He could be brave.” Who is Anthony Masireevich really?

At the same time, the Deputy Minister of National Defense called for patience Representatives Civic CoalitionWho requested information on this topic. Wojciech Skurkiewicz emphasized that the Smolensk Subcommittee is an independent body from the Minister of National Defense. He expressed his belief that the report would soon be sent to the minister’s office. He added that the Defense Ministry chief at the time, Marius Puschastak, would provide information in this regard to the public.

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Antoni Macierewicz: The film version of the report was approved, not the written version

Anthony Masireevich, Chairman of the Smolensk Subcommittee, attended the National Defense Committee meeting. – I don’t see the possibility of setting a date. The report is already out there, and the work on it is already editorial, but that doesn’t mean you can impose a deadline on the committee – Masireevic said, quoted in the letter PAP, published by TVN24. previous president MON He repeated the thesis on the explosion in the Tu-154M. – The movie version of the report was approved, not the final written version. The final report has not been approved – Macierewicz said.

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Kristina Pavovic, Stanisوافaw PiuterwichThe Constitutional Court rejected the findings of the Commissioner for Human Rights. Pawowicz and Piotrowicz will look at the question ID

The politician admitted that an epidemic had prevented the subcommittee’s report from being published.

– Your camp spoke a lot about Smolensk, so why did nothing happen? We’d probably suggest another meeting in eight months, next year, everyone would say the same thing again. But these questions will not go away. Do something or close this committee, realizing it was a mistake – said Tomas Simonyak, MP for the Civic Coalition and Head of the Ministry of National Defense rz ± dów PO-PSL.