More than a year after the outbreak of the epidemic, the white paper “Characteristics, symptoms and health effects of COVID-19 disease. Recommendations and experiences of Polish doctors” was published.

  • A group of experts decided to present a number of analyzes and recommendations that have a real impact on the health of Poles
  • The authors note that a lack of knowledge based on scientific facts can reinforce misinformation
  • The authors of the White Paper are the Board of Physicians of the Science Against Epidemic initiative

Building on the success of the first publication of experts associated with the “Science Against Pandemic” initiative and based on the need for more community education, a group of experts decided to present a number of analyzes and recommendations containing the impact on the health of Poles – we read on the website of the “Science Against Pandemic” initiative.

Against misinformation

Lack of knowledge based on scientific facts can contribute to misinformation, which is why a team of more than ten physicians and scientists in the major fields of medicine and biology prepared a white paper entitled:
“Characteristics of COVID-19 disease, symptoms and health effects. Recommendations and experiences of Polish doctors” – we read more.

The authors of the white book entitled “Characteristics, Symptoms and Health Effects of Covid-19 Disease. Recommendations and Experiences of Polish Doctors” is the clinical board of the initiative “Science against the Epidemic”, which includes:

• Dr. N. Pharm. Leszek Porkowski, Pharmacology
• a. Andre M. Val (chief)
• a. Krzysztof J. Filipiak, Cardiology
• Dr. Boena Homola – Pulmonology
• a. Zbigniew Hruby, Nephrology
Professor Adam Kobayashi – Neurology
• a. Bartosh Oza, Psychiatry
• a. Andrzej Matyja, surgery
• a. Piotr Pruszczyk, Angiology
• Dr. Love. n. med. Piotr Rzymski, biologist, immunologist
• a. Jacek Szepietowski, Dermatology
• Dr. Konstanty Szoderzynski, MD, Intensive Therapy, Respiratory System
• a. Jan Specjielniak, The Physiotherapist
• a. Jacek Wesuke, Pediatrics
• a. Joanna Zagkowska, Infectious Diseases
• Dr. Sebastian Zdonsky, MD, Physiotherapist

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Modern knowledge

The white paper contains up-to-date verified information on symptoms and complications of COVID-19 and treatment recommendations. Specialists emphasize that the risks of contracting SARS-CoV-2 are not only what happens in the acute stage of the disease. Serious and long-term complications can affect a large proportion of people who have contracted COVID-19.

“Thanks to the hard work of doctors and scientists, we already know more and more about the so-called COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 syndromes, that is, long-term, and possibly permanent, disease symptoms. Rehabilitation and treatment of these patients will not be possible. A real challenge to the healthcare system” – They argue.

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