Last year, Alexei Navalny slammed a movie advertisement encouraging the vote in favor of the Kremlin’s amendments to the constitution. He described the exhibitions in which they appear as “selling servants,” “traitors,” and “stigmatizing the country.”

Alexei Navalny spent nearly half a day in a Moscow court. A defamation trial is underway

The statements of the politician did not appeal to the relatives of one of the 95-year-old veteran film protagonists. army Reed, Igor Artiomenko complained to the prosecutor. He has prepared an indictment and last week he brought Alexei Navalny to trial. to me Prosecutor’s OfficeNavalny’s comment “offended the honor and dignity of a veteran.”

Since the veteran who testified online felt unwell during the trial, the trial was stalled. At the resumed session, aggrieved person Igor Artyuminko resigned from personal participation in the hearing. A letter arrived in court that was supposed to come from a veteran. Artomenko blamed Navalny for his poor health. Alexei Navalny said the letter was “clearly fraudulent” and that the veteran was not aware of what he was involved in.

Navalny faces another trial. Because of the alleged defamation of a veteran

The politician noted that he and other opposition activists do not defame veterans, but rather defend them against the current government that uses the elderly. He added that the purpose of the trial was to weaken support for him among the Russian public.

Finally, the court asked the opponent if he had any Diseases chronic. Alexei Navalny replied that he needed to consider whether the acute lack of sympathy for this judgment was considered a chronic disease.

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The Navy charged with defaming a veteran faces a fine of up to 1 million rubles or 240 hours of forced labor.

Alexei Navalny has been convicted

In early February, a Moscow court sent Alexei Navalny to a labor camp for two years and eight months. The politician was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months imprisonment in 2014. Upon suspending the sentence, the court took into account that the politician spent 10 months under house arrest.

Alexei Navalny, during his appearance in court, stressed that the actions taken by law enforcement and judicial agencies against him were illegal, and considered them as personal revenge. Wadimera Butina And the pro-Kremlin circles.

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