Bright Memory: Infinite developers have posted a video that could interest many gamers. The team confirms this year’s premiere, shows the main opponent and lets you catch a glimpse of some shots from the game itself. Interesting production trending for Xbox X | S and PC.

The creators of Bright Memory: Infinite Effectively Mentions Their Title. The developers have prepared a cinematic trailer, and their task is to present the main opponent of the production – General Lynn will be the biggest problem for the hero, and therefore for the players. The studio emphasizes the use of modern technology to capture the character’s face in real time.

FYQD Studio has also revealed very important details – Bright Memory: Infinite will debut in 2021 and be available worldwide in the next 10 months. You don’t have to worry that the team will only offer to play in Asia at the start.

At the end of the material, the team has taken care of a few amazing parts of the game, with the heroine once again eliminating targets and using her skills on the move. Bright Memory: Infinite Coming to Xbox Series X | S. And computer, and if you are interested in the presentation – Also check out the boss fight.