We found some really interesting things – said Lisa Monaco on Wednesday at a security conference in Aspen, citing the Guardian newspaper. In this way, she indicated the actions of the American services, seizing Russian property as part of the sanctions.

as she said A Faberge egg was found on a yacht taken from a Russian oligarch Or something bafflingly similar to it. If its authenticity is confirmed, It will be one of the most unusual items confiscated under the sanctions Russia.

Treasure in the millions

These eggs were made at the request of the Russian tsars in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the studio of court jeweler Peter Carl Faberge. Faberge himself did not implement it, but approved each of the completed projects. Only 54 eggs were produced, 42 have survived to this day, and each egg is worth millions of dollars.

And Lisa Monaco did not directly say about the yacht on which this unusual discovery took place. However, you mentioned it The ship is currently docked in the port of San Diego, where it ended up having been confiscated in the Fiji Islands.

According to the Guardian, This description corresponds to the $325 million Amadea yacht, which probably belonged – through the people who needed it – to the Russian oligarch Suleiman Karimov. Bloomberg estimates his fortune at more than $13 billion.

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The West seizes the origins of the oligarchy

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