The municipality of Obatovk won the third prize in the tenth edition of the competition organized by the Association of Polish City Planners in Pozna under the slogan “ The best developed public place in Greater Poland ” for the modernization of the Gothic home, – called “ Sweets ”.

Opatówek can boast of the best developed public spaces in Greater Poland

The so-called “cukierenka” is a building most likely from the first half of the nineteenth century. The exact date of its construction is unknown. The construction of the Gothic house is attributed to General Josef Zaguchik, although the Opatovic plan from 1824 does not contain this building. It is also not listed on a plan of 1835. The building is mentioned in documents from 1862.

Over the past few years, the building fell into disrepair, but eventually it was owned by the local Opatówek government, who decided to restore it. Now it is the seat of the Municipal Public Library in Opatovik.

The business effect is impressive. Appreciated by the jury of the Pozna Branch of the Polish City Planners Association competition under the slogan “ The best developed public place in Greater Poland ”. Candy store received Opatówec
The third prize. Awarded to revitalize a degraded space by creating an urban interior with a high aesthetic value. The competition jury appreciated the consistent reference to the historic setting through the use of red brick as a material and reproduction of historical figures.

Let us remind you that as part of the work carried out, the building was redone with complete technical competence. In addition to the facade renovation, the entire interior of the building has also been completely refurbished. The distinctive peaks and large windows were rebuilt. All works were carried out under the supervision of the Supervisor of Antiquities. The total value of the modernization work is more than 2 million PLN, and the co-financing of WRPO 2014+ obtained by the Municipality of Opatovik is PLN 512856.01 Polish zloty.

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The aim of the competition is to shape a modern and innovative image of the region by promoting the best urban and architectural projects and promoting solutions that create a new quality of space in Greater Poland.

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