A Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-524 crash occurred on Saturday. There were 62 people on board. Among them were, among other things, newlyweds. Hope of finding survivors is scant.

A Boeing 737 Sriwijaya crashes into the Java Sea On Saturday around 11:30 local time (8:30 in Poland) immediately after leaving Jakarta. Relatives of the passengers and crew are still waiting to find their relatives. There were 62 people on board. The chances of finding survivors are slim.

According to the BBC, no person has been officially identified yet. The information about the passengers on the unfortunate flight comes from their family and friends.

“We are sorry, we are still praying for the better,” said Farza Mahardeka, his uncle who was a Sriwijaya SJ182 pilot. Captain Affwan was 54 years old. He left home quickly on the day of the flight. Earlier, he complained that his shirt was not patronizing. His nephew told the BBC: “He was usually nice.” The captain also apologized to his children for having to leave them again.


Captain Affwan began his career as a pilot in the Air Force. In 1987 he became a commercial pilot. His relatives claim that he was a devoted Muslim and was always ready to help others.

The profile picture of Captain Avoan on social media is a comic book in which Superman is shown praying with the phrase “No matter your height, you will not reach Heaven unless you pray.”

Mahardeka said, “He was a very kind man. He often gave wise advice and advice. He was a prominent figure in his neighborhood and was known for his kindness.” “I am broken and I cannot believe this is happening. Please pray for my uncle and our family,” added the pilot’s nephew.

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Plane disaster in Indonesia. A 15-year-old was returning from vacation

One of the people on the upcoming Saturday flight from Jakarta was 15 years old. On December 27, the young man went on vacation to Jakarta. She was supposed to be back with them on Saturday. She was traveling with her mother’s employer and two children from her family. However, she never came home.


“She left immediately on her fifteenth birthday,” – added Lina. “She was very happy,” added the mother of the 15-year-old girl.

Air disaster in Indonesia. There were also newlyweds on board

There were also newlyweds – Ihssan Adlan Hakim, Pottery and Hayouni on board the Sriwijaya Aviation Boeing 737. Irwin Amr Hakim, Ihsan’s younger brother, reported on the Compass website that his brother called from Soekarno-Hatta airport to inform him that the flight was delayed due to bad weather.

The couple wanted to travel to Kalimantan to organize a wedding for the extended Ihsan family. “The plan was that the ceremony would take place next Saturday,” Irwin said, adding that all family members were currently arriving.


The plane was flying from Jakarta to Pontianak. The machine disappeared from the radar four minutes after taking off from the country’s capital airport. On Sunday, Jakarta Police spokesman Yusri Yunus said that investigators received two bags – one containing passenger items and the other with shrapnel.

On Sunday, the area where the plane was scheduled to crash was searched, among other areas, by rescuers, Indonesian Navy ships and helicopters.

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