According to the head of the German Foreign Ministry, the European Union will never take the form of a coherent whole if individual states continue to paralyze European foreign policy. “So I’m speaking frankly — the veto should be lifted, even if it means it Germany “They would have voted for themselves,” Heiko Maas said.

The politician in the Social Democratic Party emphasized that fewer and fewer European Union countries believe in the meaning of the application of the veto, and are anxiously awaiting a return to the principle of decision-making by a majority of votes. According to Heiko Maas, the EU cannot be “hostage to individual states”, which regularly prevent joint diplomatic operations.

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Media: “Warning shot” towards the Hungarian government

Radio Deutschlandfunk noted in the minister’s statement a “warning shot” towards the Hungarian government, which, despite Brussels’s warnings, does not want to agree to the European Union’s declaration calling for a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians.

“This kind of work will revive the concept of a two-speed Europe sooner or later,” Heiko Maas said.

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