During Monday’s briefing, the Health Ministry chief was asked to comment on some entrepreneurs’ decisions to open businesses despite bans in regulations. The minister emphasized that the purpose of the restrictions that had been introduced “is not to cause diseases to entrepreneurs, but to protect human life.”

He noted that in recent days there has been a significant decrease in the number of cases in Poland.

– We have a really stable epidemiological situation, unlike what is happening all over Europe – look at Great Britain, the Czechs, the Slovaks, Austria and Germany. Practically everywhere, decisions are being made to tighten restrictive regulations. And we, compared to Europe, have a stable epidemic – he assessed.

Referring to the decisions of some entrepreneurs, the minister said that from an epidemic point of view, this situation was difficult to understand.

– But of course people, who take care of their own business and existence, also make decisions that unfortunately go against the regulations that we have prepared – he said.

I can only urge you to be patient. If only such a possibility existed – as we demonstrated with the decision to admit children from grades 1-3 to school – we would make decisions that are beneficial to the economy. But the economy needs healthy people, public health, and allowing a large number of cases to return, especially in the context of the ongoing vaccination campaign, is simply irrational – said Nidzelsky.

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