We are still waiting for the great presentation of the Nintendo Switch Pro. Not only analysts, but also developers, whose visions for more powerful equipment are not necessarily optimistic, talk about the device more and more freely. The co-founder of Engine Software mentioned an inconvenience.

Nintendo may introduce and release the Nintendo Switch Pro later this year. The device was mentioned in the latest Nintendo Switch firmwareat the same time Analysts boldly comment on the Big N’s actions and the possibility of creating improved equipment.

Ruud van de Moosdijk (co-founder and vice president of Engine Software) talked about the unreleased console, which, despite its positive attitude, suggests that the problem will be sharing the platform with the base of the Nintendo Switch. Weaker Console can severely limit developers’ aspirations.

Frankly, our opinion on this might be the opposite of many people’s opinion, but we are not a big fan of the “Pro” model. Sure, it would be nice to have more RAM or faster GPU / CPU compared to previous versions, but If it is still considered the same platform then you need to make sure your game runs on every model. So, for compatibility, performance will be checked to the lowest specification. We found in previous Upgrade Systems that extra power was never used well for this Purpose only.

Engine Software is a Spanish studio that has developed dozens of games for other Nintendo systems over the years, while the developers have for some time focused on moving production. They recently worked on a new version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Plus Little Nightmares and Monopoly in Stadia. In 2020, the team took care of eight ports on the Nintendo Switch.

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