A nursery teacher in China He was sentenced to death for poisoning dozens of children, one of them apparently a murderer, in an act of revenge against a colleague.

A court in central Henan Province said Wang Yun had put sodium nitrite in the porridge being prepared for her classmate’s students after a dispute with a classmate.

The March attack from last year sickened 25 children, and reports at the time said they began vomiting and fainting after eating breakfast. According to news reports, one of the children became severely ill for several months and died in January.

On Monday, the court said Wang knew that sodium nitrite was harmful and was acting “without regard for the consequences.”

The court’s ruling statement stated that “their criminal methods and conditions were extremely poor, with particularly harsh conditions, and they should be punished severely in accordance with the law”.

The court said Wang and the nursery director must compensate the children’s families.

Authorities said this was not the first time Wang had used sodium nitrite to poison a person. In 2017, she put some in her husband’s cup, causing minor injuries.

Sodium nitrite is used to process meat, but it can be toxic when consumed in large quantities.

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