The death toll in UK coronavirus hospitals has risen to 47, the highest daily rise since early July, as the country grapples with mounting infections.

Tuesday’s figures showed 44 new deaths were recorded in England, three in Wales, and no new deaths occurred in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The last time the daily hospital death toll was so high was on July 11, when 47 died.

The full number will be released in all settings, including nursing homes and the wider community, later today.

Case numbers have soared in recent weeks as the UK battles a second wave of Covid-19.

The number of hospital deaths increased by 10, and by 18 deaths on Monday.

Most of the deaths reported in the past 24 hours have been in the north of England.

Local shutdowns did not bring cases down

All of those reported to have died in England in the past 24 hours are between the ages of 60 to 80+

They included 18 in the northwest of England, 15 in the northeast and Yorkshire, seven in the Midlands and three in London.

Many deaths were recorded in locally closed areas.

Scotland has reported 806 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, and 14 people are currently receiving intensive care.

Wales has reported 366 new cases of the virus.

Number of laboratory confirmed cases of Corona Virus In the UK it rose 5,693 on Sunday – the third highest on Sunday since the lockdown began.

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Murano Street Student Village, where University of Glasgow students are self-isolating due to the outbreak

Coronavirus deaths have increased in six of the nine English regions, with the Northwest leading the tragic toll, the most recent Official figures showed today.

Office for National Statistics data showed that the regions experiencing the increase were the Northwest, the West Midlands, London, Yorkshire and the Humber, the Northeast and the East Midlands.

The past week has also seen chaos on campuses across the country as students begin to return.

Students fear facing Christmas in their halls and apartments, after thousands are ordered to self-isolate as outbreaks swept across campus during a fresher week.

first Minister Boris Johnson It is set on Hold a press conference tomorrow Along with the government’s scientific experts, amid growing confusion over the rules of England.

England has faced tight lockdown rules in recent weeks, including a “rule of six” that limits grouping numbers, and a 10 pm curfew.

But large swaths of the United Kingdom are still subject to more specific local restrictions, with an outbreak disrupting much of northern England.

Representatives will vote on Wednesday on whether to preserve Corona Virus The law, which was speeded up in one day in March, puts the UK under restrictions, and allows the government to impose a lockdown.

It must be renewed every six months for it to remain valid.