Fayrouz Khushi (left) pouring alcohol on him during the Essex celebration

Essex said their Bob Willis Cup celebrations did not meet their “overarching values” after spraying a Muslim player with alcohol.

Khushi, 21, was the 12th man in the final.

The club said, “Essex is proud of its work within the diverse communities throughout the province and surrounding areas.”

“For a long period of time, Essex has had a diverse team that includes players from different backgrounds, religions and ethnicities, with cricket being at the heart of these societies.

“The club has worked very hard and will continue to offer cricket to anyone and everyone, and to educate about diversity, but more work needs to be done in both sport and society in general, to expand people’s knowledge and make them more aware of cultural differences.”

After England won the World Cup in 2019, other players waited for Muslims, Moein Ali and Adel Rashid, to withdraw before spraying champagne.

Sajid Patel, co-founder of the National Cricket League in Essex and East London, described the photos as “offensive”.

He told BBC Essex: “It was diabolical to see that there was no kind of planning, no compromise, no cultural awareness.”

“We want it to be a celebration for everyone, but when you see scenes like that, I don’t know what to say. It left me speechless.

“Is it difficult for Essex to say sorry?”

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