• Huge fires have been ravaging the western part of the United States for several weeks. The fire has so far been contained in only 1/3
  • The fire is so big that it can generate lightning, strong winds, and even a fiery tornado
  • Climate change may increase the frequency of these fires in this region in the future
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The Oregon fires have been going on for about 2.5 weeks. By this time they were already swallowed up 400 thousand acres Terrain and more spread. As the services reported, the fires have now merged into one. So far, it has only been mastered in 32 brook. It is currently the largest of the 78 fires ravaging 13 states. The situation is so serious that firefighting will be banned in Oregon on Thursday.

Mass evacuation and destruction

So far, with regard to the fire that the Americans called “smuggled fire” or “monster”, it has been evacuated 2000 homes. Several thousand farms are at risk of eviction Because of the rapid spread of fire, which is preferred by the high temperature, Bask, no precipitation and dry land. Total, the fire has already been destroyed soon 200 buildings, 70 of which are inhabited.

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Fire can cause lightning, wind and hurricane

The fire that’s burning in Oregon is very strong He generates his own weather! So said Marcus Kaufman, a spokesperson for the Oregon Department of Forestry. Found in a cloud of smoke called “pyrocumulus” lightning discharge – Reports to the National Weather Service.

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This dynamic within a fire makes it extremely dangerous to everyone around it, especially the firefighters trying to put it out.

AccuWeather meteorologists add that the formation of such a cloud is a “vicious cycle.” As the fire spreads, the cloud will grow, which means an increased risk of lightning and strong winds. This, in turn, greatly facilitates the further expansion of the fire. If the pyrocumulus cloud is strong enough, it can generate a catastrophe, Every hurricane. One such hurricane occurred a few weeks ago in California.

Historic drought and heat wave in the western United States

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very giant fires It is related to the prolonged drought and historical heat waves that have hit the western part of North America since June. They are associated, inter alia, with gradual climate change. Climate scientists predict that in the future, the weather in this region may become more fire-friendly than it is today.

Unfortunately, the outlook for the coming days is not optimistic, as it is expected to remain dry and warm weather. In Salem, the capital of Oregon, with clear skies, the temperature will rise to 34-35 degrees Celsius in a few days.

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Source: AccuWeather / eu.usatoday / Twitter