The American company is promoting Microsoft Flight Simulator and a subsidiary of the company has prepared a unique Xbox Series S. The device went into the bag and the monitor was included in the package – you should see it.

Microsoft is preparing for the big trip. As you know, Microsoft Flight Simulator will appear today I got very positive feedback for the console versions, so the American company can be sure of the success of the game. There are also opinions that this title is the first item that is really worth buying an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Xbox ANZ, a subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand, decided to seize the opportunity and Prepared an amazing collection of Xbox Series S consoles with a monitor and two controllers. Everything was packed into a custom bag and you have to admit – you can travel with this package.

Of course, a suitable power supply is necessary, but I am sure that many gamers will be excited to have access to such an offer. It is currently a group made only for the lucky ones selected – players can enter the competition to win a bag.

I am sure that Microsoft, which decided to sell such funds – could score a lot of interest. As we have already provided, Xbox Series S works very well with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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