Currently, 85% of Poles order food products online, while 41% plan to buy at least some food in this way for Christmas, according to the “Trends in Online Grocery Shopping and Food Delivery in the UK and EU” study conducted by Maru on behalf of About PayPal / Matchbox. Expectations point to the future generalization of a hybrid model where the online channel seamlessly connects to and complements the static model.

“The results of a survey conducted in mid-September for PayPal by Maru/Matchbox show that online food shopping has clearly increased in importance. More than 8 in 10 Polish consumers say they have purchased such articles online, and 27% have used the services of Online payment, incl. Provided by PayPal. However, when it comes to fresh produce, consumers still have a strong appetite for shopping in traditional chain stores, and they are also keen to see the option for in-store pickup” – the release reads.

In the case of grocery shopping, convenience and ease of use are of paramount importance to Poles. This was confirmed by 72% of consumers who admitted that the main motive for making them online is to save time.

“Saving time is one of the main reasons why up to 4 in 10 Polish respondents buy at least some food products for the upcoming Christmas season online. Shopping before Christmas has always been one of the best selling times in traditional stores, and we are now seeing a great deal move From this move to the virtual world, including grocery shopping. More and more consumers are accustomed to online shopping and it can be assumed that this trend will continue to develop in the coming years,” said PayPal CEO in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Israel, Evi Dahan , in the article.

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Many Polish consumers see the advantages of online shopping in terms of increased access to a variety of healthy food products. 73% of respondents believe that online shopping allows them to choose “sustainable and environmentally friendly” products, and 55% say this gives them a wider choice of organic foods.

The Study “Trends in Online Grocery Shopping and Food Delivery in the UK and EU” was conducted on behalf of PayPal by Maru/Matchbox from 6 to 13 September 2021 among 1,000 participants in Poland who are home-based decision makers.

Source: ISBnews