Law and Justice deputies submitted a draft resolution to the House of Representatives on the Nord Stream 2. The document called for the suspension of work on the construction of the gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany as soon as possible. Law and Justice Party deputies also asked the authorities in Berlin to withdraw from supporting this investment.

The framers of the resolution note that energy resources “should not be used as a tool for political pressure on other countries.”

They also cited examples of the use of raw materials in conducting foreign policy. The example of Russia, which in the past was forced, for political reasons, to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine is cited here. The lawmakers also indicated in the resolution that many Eastern European countries are currently still dependent on Russian raw material supplies.

The document also states that Nord Stream 2 is being built, although existing gas pipelines are sufficient to meet the energy needs of Europe’s natural gas consumers. Thus, as noted, the creation of a new supply line is only aimed at creating the possibility of sending these raw materials to the West, bypassing countries such as Poland.

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