Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to the situation in Afghanistan, saying that the US withdrawal process “cannot be called successful.” Meanwhile, he called on other countries to step up their efforts to “normalize the situation.”

Putin commented on Afghanistan at a press conference following his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And in an interview with journalists, he said that the US operation did not succeed, but that Russia’s goal is not to “repeat it over and over and talk about it as a failure.”

We were interested in the stable situation in this country. Today as it is. I think many politicians in the West are beginning to complain about what I said in my opening statement: that it is unacceptable to impose foreign standards of political life and to do so against other nations and nations, ignoring their ethnic and religious specificities and their history. traditions. – said Putin, It was reported by the Russian news agency TASS.

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At the same time, the President of Russia called on other countries to work together. I think this is the lesson of Afghanistan, and we, with other partners, with the United States and European countries (…) should do everything we can to unite efforts to support the Afghan people, normalize the situation in that country, and establish good neighborly relations with them – He said.