The NSDC decision on sanctions was taken on Tuesday. The sanctions list published on the president’s website includes 23 Russians, three French and 81 legal entities.

The MEPs who have been tied down are Virginie Juron, La Capelle Jean Lin, and Philip Olivier. They are representatives of the right-wing group in European Parliament Identity and democracy. Ukrainian media reported that MEPs were in Crimea, which was annexed by Russia.

Sanctions have also been extended to include, for example, Deputy Head of the Russian Interior Ministry, Alexander Gurovoy, Deputy Head of Lyudmila Narusova (mother of celebrities Ksenia Sobchak), and the head of the Immigration Department of the Russian Interior Ministry, Valentina. Kazakova.

The legal entities included in the list include, inter alia, Russian media such as TASS,, and RT. Some of the legal entities mentioned above are already subject to Ukrainian sanctions.

Restrictions, including blocking access to assets turned on Ukraine And a ban on entering this country for a period of three years.

Just a few days ago, on Friday, the head of the RBNiO, Oleksiy Danilov, announced the imposition of sanctions on 27 people, among them Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych And representatives of the country’s authorities during his reign.

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A month ago, RBNiO issued sanctions against 19 companies and eight individuals, including one of the leaders of the pro-Russian opposition platform party – For Life Victor Medvedchuk. At the beginning of February, sanctions were imposed on his partner Taras Kozak and the companies operating three TV channels: TV 112 Ukraine, ZIK, NewsOne.