12 minutes It is a fuzzy thriller that uses mechanics developed by the point-and-click adventure genre. But its simplicity did not stop it from playing pick up The hearts of many critics who are mostly pleased with the production. As you can see, other artists are especially fond of playing Luis Antonio. fan 12 minutes It turned out to be Hideo Kojima.

12 minutes Great. I lost track of time and played for hours on end. There is no game of time inside I wasn’t that attracted. An adventure game with a time loop element and a good sense of style.

Once you get used to the top view and the controls, you won’t have to worry about it. The game forces you to move your head. It’s like the Amiga productions I played. I still haven’t figured it out, but it’s very fun. I fear nothing but visits to Dafu!

So what is Luis Antonio production for the Japanese artist? Very distinct. In enjoying the game, he didn’t even bother with the control and specific perspective, which many reviewers have complained about. Interestingly, 12 minutes You could become Hideo’s inspiration for the future. He admitted that the game made him want to create his own adventure game.

Most attention to Kojima distance ?? He said However, it was the creation of Willem Dafoe that he found terrifying.

So far, I feel like Dafoe is about to break into the main door in the next 10 minutes. I usually welcome it because I like it a lot, but after playing it 12 minutes I’m afraid he will hit me. Really cool casting.

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After such an enthusiastic command, it remains only to get acquainted with the described production. The game is available on PC as well as Xbox One and Series S/X. The title can be downloaded using the Xbox Game Pass service.