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Global Warming. “The weather has gone crazy for a reason. We have a climate crisis.”

This winter in the south EuropeIn the Mediterranean Basin, AccuWeather meteorologists expect heavy rain that could lead to flooding. In turn, for the region of France and the Iberian Peninsula, they expect strong winds. weather It will provide comfort only to the residents of the southern fringes Spain and Portugal, where extreme weather events should not occur. In the winter in southern Europe, the temperature will remain within the average range, although in Italy it is possible, c Greece In the Balkans, it will rise above normal at times.

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winter weather. Ice storms in Eastern Europe

According to forecasts, Eastern Europe will suffer blows in the winter lukewarm air, flows from the north and north-east. A lower than normal temperature is expected for the region stretching from Ukraine to Latvia and Estonia, as well as Slovakia and Poland. Frequent rain is also expected rain I the ice And the possibility of ice storms – warn forecasters.

Storm in WroclawTragic balance of storms in Lower Silesia. Four people died

Quieter aura in Northern and Western Europe

AccuWeather predicts a calmer winter for people living in western and northern Europe – without a lot of rain or storms that it can cause locally drought. Meteorologists are reassured, however, that its effects will not be severe. In the first half of winter, they also do not expect sharp temperature fluctuations, but it is likely that in the following months a cold will attack – the temperature in North-West Europe will drop below normal, which will be especially felt by the inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland. Then it might snow on the British Isles and in the region from France to Poland.

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Trees blown by the wind on railway tracks (illustration)Storm over Poland. The tree fell on the tracks in Baszewice. They were injured