Let us remind you that the Aspgren and Thorsell incident occurred on Saturday in the sixth race, in which the Swedes faced the Australians. After the start, Doyle was in the lead. At the entrance to the second arch, the Swedes tried to get around their opponent from the outside, but there was no room for them. Both Swedish motorway riders fell on the track. Most of all, the fall of Jacob Thursell, who found himself between Jason Doyle and Pontus Aspgren, was serious, and when he fell he hit his head hard on the track. Both riders got off to the machine park, but Thorsell seemed pretty dumbfounded. He was disqualified from a re-race. Asgren, who complained of pain in his arm, also did not appear. Finally, only backup Philip Hellström-Bängs was riding through to the end of the competition.

After the competition, information appeared in the environment that Oliver Berntzon will go to Manchester “in five to twelve”, which will go on Sunday with Hellstrom Bangs. The rider’s mechanics have joked on social media that they will be leaving for Great Britain at 10pm. However, everything was thwarted by … the logistics. At the moment, Great Britain is outside the European Union, so crossing the border is very difficult and requires a lot of permits. In short, it is called a “worksheet”.

On the other hand, it is very strange that such a professional team was not able to travel to Manchester earlier in a large, slightly expanded team. It’s true that Alexander Wenten is in Manchester, but he can only replace a player under 21, and the Swedes didn’t take an extra big player on board. An example here is the Poles, who start with three players, but Dominic Kobera is also in reserve, and if the main player is injured, he would have jumped into the team.

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