The changes in procedures regarding exports and imports to Great Britain are the result of Great Britain’s exit from the European Union and the settlement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. While free movement of goods within the economic community was in place until Brexit, entrepreneurs are now required to complete formalities.

The official route: Import and Export to Great Britain

British government websites have published materials, including a practical schedule that guides the entrepreneur step-by-step through any ambiguities regarding such a major change in the movement of goods across borders. In addition, the table provides explanations for the most important terms and collects links for importers of goods.

We have translated materials previously available only in English to enable Polish entrepreneurs to better understand the requirements imposed on them. The table is developed in the form of a pathway that leads the regulator with specific questions about the planned imports.

>> Download the HMRC table at Polishing Point. Import to Great Britain

What are the concepts related to importing and exporting to the UK after Brexit?

The key concepts that this organizer explains to us include:

  • Origin principle
  • Preferential origin
  • Non-preferential origin
  • Certificate of origin
  • Union goods
  • Free rotation
  • Crossing

In addition, the document contains information about exemptions from customs duties, customs exemptions and the zero rate.

Tabla is a comprehensive collection of all information for importers and exporters.
The table can be downloaded in Polish in the form of a course of action, with explanations and links, for free Here

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