At the beginning of the week, the government proposed changes to the constitution in order to be able to confiscate the property of the Russian oligarch. In your opinion, are these changes necessary?

Artur Dziampour: In my opinion, there is no need to amend the constitution. The government must demonstrate its ability to manage and manage finances without creative accountability that will leave the budget off the budget, as it can continue to make money without much coverage, causing other consequences that the government does not tell the citizens about, but we only hear stories about, wishes Everyone wants the army to be stronger and Poland to be safer.

Do you mean to establish a spending fund that does not count the state’s debts?

It has already been created de facto. If we have an off-budget budget, we don’t have to worry more than the government. Going in the direction indicated by the union, we expected defense spending to be 3%. GDP, in addition, the government has to show what it is giving up in order to implement this plan, and to give up some of the social expenditures it makes by bribing voters.

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