According to activists cooperating with Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, the $700 million yacht owned by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is docked in Italy, according to Business Insider. According to activists, its crew includes members of the Russian security services.

More Russian oligarchs are losing yachts

The government of this region reported that in the port of Gibraltar, a luxury yacht belonging to the Russian oligarch Dmitry Pampinsky was arrested.

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“Scheherazade” is one of the 20 largest yachts in the world and its owner is not officially known.

Investigative journalist Maria Biochik and anti-corruption activist Georgi Alborov, both of whom work with Navalny, posted a YouTube video of a mysterious yacht docked off the coast of Italy in Carrara. The video shows that the 140-meter yacht consists of six decks, two helipads, a swimming pool, a spa complex and a beauty salon..

Other pleasures include a self-leveling pool table, a five-meter aquarium, and a 4.5-meter TV covering an entire wall, which cost 1 million euros to install. Journalists found that the bathrooms were decorated with gold toilet paper holders and taps.

– All over the world, yachts owned by Russian oligarchs are being seized, but “Scheherazade” is on display in an Italian marina. The former crew member said it was a scandal.

FSO . staff

Pewchik and Alburov reported that they obtained a crew list for December 2020, which shows that all permanent crew members except for the captain were Russian, and that 10 of them worked for the Federal Security Service (FSO), a government agency tasked with, among other tasks, security Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The yacht’s captain, Jay Bennett Pierce, told the New York Times that Italian officials boarded the plane in early March as part of an investigation by Italian financial police and that he had “no other choice” and revealed to them the identity of the owner. . – I have no doubt that this will clear the yacht of all negative rumors and speculation – argued.

Britain, the United States and the European Union through the economic sanctions imposed after the Russian invasion Ukraine They are trying to seize some of the luxury assets of the Russian oligarchs, including luxury yachts.


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