March 24, 2022, 11:40 am

According to new leaks, the defeat of Battlefield 2042 forced significant changes in the development plans of the brand. The result is to abandon many of the unsuccessful ideas of this game and return to the roots in the next edition of the series.

unexpectedly Battlefield 2042 It turned out to be one of the biggest failures of the past year. Famous leaker Tom Henderson subscriber An article with reports on how this cover will affect the future of the game and the entire brand.

The future of the Battlefield brand is a return to its roots

Until this information is officially confirmed, one has to treat it with a large reserve, but Henderson has a very good reputation, especially when it comes to this brand. According to him:

  1. despite the failure BF2042 Work is already underway on the next installment of the series – it is currently in pre-production;
  2. The team had to learn from the flap Battlefield 2042 And many unfavorable changes made to this title will be dropped in the next part, so that the game looks more like the classic versions of the franchise.

Henderson hasn’t received confirmation on what those items are, but he expects 128 matches and specialists to be missing in the next batch.

If this information is correct, this is a drastic change in the brand development strategy. Originally BF2042 It was supposed to be the foundation upon which the future of the series would be built. So they showed up ReportsThat next episode will be the archery champion. It now appears that there are plans to return to more classic solutions instead.

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The future of Battlefield 2042

At the same time, Electronic Arts intends to further develop and improve Battlefield 2042 Despite its poor financial performance.

  1. Most of the DICE studio staff are already working on the next part of the series, but there is also a very separate and multiple team in development BF2042.
  2. The game is not abandoned and new maps, vehicles and weapons are being produced.
  3. In turn, the Ripple Effect studio is constantly developing the Battlefield Portal mode and is expected to receive new content soon.
  4. It is claimed that changes are being tested in the system that specializes in BF2042Which makes it more like the previous classic chapters.

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