Local officials said a hot lava flow reached an airport just outside the city of Goma. After the volcanic eruption, the Congolese media argued that there was no danger to the population.

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Volcanic eruption in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

But during the night, the side crack of the mountain opened through which the lava flowed towards the city. More than 650,000 people live in Goma and its immediate suburbs. Congolese rz ± d Preparations have begun to evacuate the most endangered areas. So far, about 3,000 people have left the immediate vicinity of the airport. The BBC reported that the lava had devoured the highway linking Goma with the city of Beni.

During the previous eruption of Nyiragongo volcano in 2002, 250 people died and 120,000 were displaced. Experts from the Volcanic Observatory in Goma have warned that the current activity is similar to the previous tragedy of 2002. However, according to Reuters agencies, they cannot take the necessary measurements, because the World Bank has suspended its funding on suspicion of fraudulent funds donated earlier.

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