The AI-supported scanning of allergy skin tests speeds up the process of identifying sources of allergies and enables clinicians to efficiently compare results of digitally recorded tests. The device was developed by a scientific and industrial union.

The device uses the latest micro-polymetric arrays – Dr. Marius Castick, Head of the Research Department at the Military University of Technology. They consist of very small infrared detectors. High spatial resolution is necessary to monitor changes in the complexion. Obtained thanks to a specially designed optical system. The so-called black body. Thanks to this, it has a very high measurement sensitivity in the far-infrared range, that is, in the range of light wavelengths from 8 to 14 μm.

Skin tests are called the gold standard in diagnosing many types of allergies, especially an extremely troublesome occupational contact allergy. “The automated test results evaluation tool speeds up the entire process of identifying the sources of allergies. In addition, it provides digital recording of results and the ability to compare them during the treatment process” – explains Dr. Jacek Stobic, scientific director of the “FOTONICA” project, head of the clinical and clinical trials department with participation Sick of Milton.

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To date, the new method has been proven effective in 100 patients who have been tested at the Military Medical Institute. According to the designers, the new device will allow a fast and automatic reading of the results of allergy skin tests, so that the allergist can make the right decision regarding the method of treatment.

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Experts note that diagnosing allergies, even in developed countries, takes several months. There are 150 million people with allergies in Europe, more than 40% of allergy symptoms. Young. The time required to test for an allergy is a bottleneck in a doctor’s offices. Only a correct diagnosis is made that a cure is possible. Diagnosis is long and allergists are limited in number – hence the waiting lists for specialists.

Scientific and Industrial Union of Military University of Technology and Milton Essex. It plans to register the system according to the latest European Union regulations as a medical device, then run experimental tests in clinical conditions.

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