Russian President Vladimir Putin Participate in the Russian forum Strategic Initiatives AgencyWhere he devoted a large space in his speech to Western countries and geopolitics.

The Russian president strongly criticized the West. He decided to talk – as he put it – about the countries of the “golden billion”. In his opinion, countries that depend on “liberal ideology” built their fortune on “the plunder of other countries in Asia and Africa.” At the same time he stated that The world’s unipolar system is the brake its development and divides nations into “first and second classes”.

– Whatever the West and the so-called supranational elites may try to maintain the present order of things, A new era is coming, a new stage in world history. The Russian daily quoted Kommersant as saying that only truly sovereign states can guarantee high growth dynamics and become an example for others.

The Russian president began his visit to Iran on Tuesday, where he met with the country’s leaders and the Turkish president Recep Erdogan. Iran is an important country for Putin not only because of potential cooperation in acquiring arms, but also through proximity of interests and politics, Because Tehran, like Moscow, is subject to Western sanctions.

During the talks with the Turkish president, the presidents had to bring up the issue Ukrainian grain and solutions to make it possible Exports via the Black Sea. Previously, negotiations on this matter were held in Istanbul. Representatives of Ukraine participated in the talks.

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