The President of the United States announced that his country will not leave Taiwan. Joe Biden emphasized that the United States feels a stronger responsibility to protect the island due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “The United States will intervene militarily if China invades Taiwan,” the president declared.

statement Joe Biden on defense Taiwan delivered in TokyoDuring the second day of his visit to Japan. In the face of growing concerns in the region, the president noted the United States’ “responsibility” to protect this self-governing island. Biden stressed that this responsibility is “stronger” because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

research: US intelligence: China is developing its military capabilities to occupy Taiwan

The United States will commit militarily if China invades Taiwan – announced the president. “It is a commitment that we accept,” he added after meeting him. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. During his talks with this politician, he stressed that Washington will support Japan’s efforts to obtain a permanent position in the reformed region UN Security Council.

The US president also approved Japanese plans to bolster defense. It is intended to serve as a counterweight to a nuclear-armed North Korea and an increasingly aggressive China.

China’s reaction to Biden’s words

Reply to the President of the United States Beijing. Foreign Minister Spokesman Wang Wenbin said that Taiwan is a “purely internal affair of China”.

– He added that on matters related to China’s core interests, such as sovereignty and territorial integrity, China will not allow concessions or concessions.

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A representative of the Chinese authorities confirmed that his country will defend its sovereignty by using the strength of its 1.4 billion people. “No one should underestimate the zeal and strength of the Chinese people who are defending their territorial integrity,” he said.

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