This article contains spoilers. If you haven’t played the last of us While waiting for the new version, you can get acquainted with the plot details, which can be better experienced while playing.

Critics recognized it and players loved it, the first part of the series the last of us It will be updated on September 9 this year on PlayStation 5 devices. The premiere of the new version is less than two months away, and The game is already finishedbut today We have a chance to see another sample of the improved graphics that we will test in the new version of the game.

user I’m Bald at the gate RESTERA published Supposed to come from the graphics Our Last: Part OneHe managed to save it from a deleted post on the platform reddit. The original post also included some information that complements the full picture of the upcoming game.

Also, some of the images in the ImBald post are no longer available. Twitter user made another attempt to save it Domthebomb.

According to the information available on the Resetera . portal remake the last of us It won’t contain any gameplay improvements. Only graphics, animation and sound will be changed.

In addition, the game will work in two modes – the game mode will provide 4K quality at 40 frames per second, and the dynamic mode will provide 4K quality at 60 frames per second.

The new version of the game will also provide additional access options, similar to those in Our last 2.

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The original source of this information did not provide any further explanations or evidence of its veracity.