According to Reuters, European Union countries are concerned about the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan and fear a repeat of the 2015-2016 migration crisis. Then more than a million immigrants came to Europe, mostly from the Middle East, to test the capabilities of European security services and the social welfare system and, according to Reuters, increased the popularity of far-right groups.

– It is true that we are currently experiencing a serious crisis, but the European Union did not cause it. In the meantime, it’s time to become part of the solution to this problem again, Margaritis Schinas said. The EU commissioner also added that, since there are no indications of a migration crisis at the moment, he would prefer to “avoid references to this from 2015 before we even know how the situation will develop”.

The Vice-President of the European Commission reassured in an interview that the EU is now better prepared. It has better border protection, financial resources to help Afghanistan’s neighbors, and the immigration policy of individual EU countries is similar. – Bearing in mind, I think now is the right time to agree on the Common European Immigration and Asylum Policy, which we proposed for September at the European Commission – Schinas said.

As Reuters reports, the influx of migrants in 2015 led to divisions and disagreements among EU countries. Schinas acknowledged that differences in immigrant admissions remain.

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