The first information about Prologue, a game developed by PlayerUnknown Productions, appeared at the end of 2019. The creator finally spoke and said more about his project.

How will Prologue surprise us from iconic PUBG creator – Brendan Greene?

The introduction was made to the world for the first time at The Game Awards 2019. The teaser that came out at the time was all we know about Brendan’s new game so far.

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The creator of Prologue – PlayerUnknown, considered the father of the battle royale genre, left the Krafton studio and intends to devote himself entirely to work on a new project. He said in a several minute long video on Twitter, What can we expect from the introduction.

We can learn from the recording that The game will be a showcase of technological possibilities, where the neural network designed by the Greene team will be able to create “Huge and realistic open world in real time“.

However, the player’s task will be to survive in a challenging environment and eventually escape from it with the help of randomly found items. The difficulty is that there are no specific directions and paths to follow. The introduction will in no way dictate the way to traverse the world.

Introduction release date not yet known. Let me know in the comments if you’ll review this title as soon as it comes up.


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