The Million Moments for Democracy initiative since 2018, that is, the assumption of the post of Prime Minister, Andrej Babisz, has been seeking his resignation and organizing various protests. One of them collected 250,000 in 2019. Babish’s opponents. On Saturday, from 10.00 to 17.00 in Pruhonice, he signed his book “Share it before they ban”, spoke to his supporters and offered them ice cream.

According to Miliona Choll spokeswoman Hana Strasakova, the crosses were drawn to highlight the contrast between Babis’s rule and his campaign ahead of the October 8 and 9 elections.

Before the meeting, city authorities tried to remove the painted symbols, but to no avail. The police did not find any disturbance of public order and did not intervene. Babes did not comment on the idea of ​​the initiative and announced that he would cover the costs of removing the crosses from the square himself.

About three in the evening, about two dozen opponents of the government’s vaccination policy arrived. Someone threw eggs at the prime minister. Police spokesman Zdenek Chaluba said two people had been arrested. The authorities also take care of the drawn crosses and check the relevant facts.

The ANO movement led by the Prime Minister has a chance to win the parliamentary elections in October. According to a study by Median, it can count on 26 percent support. voters. 21.5 percent have the center-right coalition Packers (Spolo), and 20 percent. A coalition formed by the Czech Pirate Party (Pirate) and the Mayors and the Independent Movement (Stan). More than 20 political groups are running in the elections.

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