More than a quarter of a million people in Italy signed up for Covid-19 vaccinations in a matter of hours. This mobilization is, it has been emphasized, the effect of the actions of the government, which has expanded the use of the Covid corridor as mandatory entry to many places.

On Thursday, the Mario Draghi government decided that From August 6, the so-called green corridor Everyone 12 years of age or older has the right to enter restaurants, theaters, indoor cinemas, participate in various sporting events, swimming pool, gym, exhibitions, conferences, theme parks, thermal pools and game rooms.

Italy has a ‘Draggy Effect’ Emphasis on the media. Saturday The press writes about “running for vaccinations.”

This was announced by the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Pandemic, General Francesco Vigliolo After the cabinet decisions were announced, the number of applications in most regions increased from 15 to 200 percent. Another trend that has been observed is the significant increase in the 12-19 year old age group.

The daily Corriere della Sera reported that another 55,000 people had registered applications for vaccinations in the capital, Lazio, which is ten times more than the average for previous days. In Lombardy, applications were received from 62,000 people, in Veneto from 20,000 people, and in Emilia-Romagna – about 25,000 people. In Puglia, the number of registrations tripled compared to the previous day.

As the newspaper points out, As a result of the success requirement, a significant increase in entries was recorded mainly as the recent vaccination campaign slowed down significantly.

New government law – Remember the journal – introducing de facto indirect vaccination obligation and restrictions on those who are not subject to it, He convinced many undecided.

Corriere della Sera notes that the government’s goal is to speed up the vaccination campaign so that herd immunity is achieved in the country by the end of September, which means that more than 43 million Italians have been fully vaccinated, or 80% of Italians. Population. Currently, there are approximately 30 million of them.

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