TV journalists received a copy of the letter he sent The perpetrator of the assassination of Anthony Warner The day before the attack. In a nine-page letter that also included two USB drives with videos of conspiracy theories, Warner wrote that he had “tremendous knowledge” and “an understanding of everything from their identity to the reality of the universe.”

The letter says that the man believed in the existence of reptiles – strange lizards that could manipulate human minds and that were taking over Earth and altering human DNA. Warner also wrote that the 9/11 attacks were the work of aliens from another planet. He also claimed that “everything is an illusion” and “there is no such thing as death.”

News Channel 5 reported that at least a few of the people Warner had contact with had received copies of the letter.

Warner, IT Specialist, On Christmas Eve he blew up his tourist car in downtown Nashville In front of the AT&T telecommunications company building. The only victim of the attack was himself, as he had warned local residents 15 minutes before the explosion.

As the Nashville Television Portal wrote, the letter does not contain any direct explanation of what the man wanted to achieve; There is also no reference to AT&T.

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