in the picture. Destruction of Russian combat equipment

The United States, in informal talks, called on Turkey, its NATO ally, to hand over Russian S-400 missile systems to Ukraine, Reuters reported Sunday, citing three anonymous sources familiar with the case.

Turkey is the first NATO member country to purchase these air defense missile systems from Russia. Their extradition to Turkey began in July 2019.

Washington has repeatedly asked Turkey to dispose of Russian-made equipment purchased from NATO defense structures. He explained that the Americans decided that the current circumstances were an appropriate time for the authorities in Ankara to do so.

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The Turkish side has not commented on the idea of ​​delivering Russian equipment to Ukraine so far.

S-400 is the most technologically advanced Russian anti-aircraft missile system and is included in the fourth generation by the Russians. According to Russian information, it is capable of countering all types of air attacks, with the exception of ICBMs. It can engage up to 10 targets and direct 20 missiles at the same time.

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