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March 20 2022 at 12:22

Apple Mac Studio is a very powerful compact computer designed for professional use. A first look inside the device shows the giant M1 Ultra chip.

It had its first show recently Apple Mac StudioA brand new desktop computer that combines high performance and compact size. Thanks to the ban on online publications, the first tests of this device and photos of its powerful processor have already appeared. technology channel Max Tech He shared a video of him disassembling a computer (below). The Apple M1 chip is nearly three times the size of the AMD Ryzen desktop for the AM4 platform.

Apple M1 Ultra is a giant

The first sight On the Apple M1 Ultra it shows its enormous size. It is a multi-chip unit, consisting of two 10-core M1 Max chips (connected thanks to UltraFusion technology), a 64-core GPU and 128 GB of RAM.

The Apple M1 Ultra is nearly three times larger than a comparable desktop Ryzen 3 3300XWhich should not be surprising, considering the circles stacked in it.

The Apple M1 Ultra is giant;  AMD Ryzen processor is a game with it - Illustration #1

Source: youtube / MaxTech

performance tests

M1 Ultra chip, equipped with a 64-core graphics processor, according to Apple It was supposed to match the performance of desktop computers with GeForce RTX 3090 cards. From the tests conducted by the portal the edge However, the M1 Ultra succumbs to games and experiments with the OpenCl API.

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The most powerful version of Mac Studio, including the Apple M1 Ultra with a 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU, 128 GB of unified RAM and 8 TB SSD, costs PLN 40,799.

  1. Apple’s official website

The Apple M1 Ultra is giant;  AMD Ryzen processor is a game with it - Illustration #2

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