US President Joe Biden said Thursday that all indications we have are that Russia is ready to enter Ukraine and that could happen in the coming days. He added that a diplomatic solution to the crisis was still possible.

US Ambassador to the United Nations: Russia is heading towards an invasion

“The evidence shows that Russia has taken steps toward invasion, this is a defining moment,” US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda said Thursday.

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‘High risk’ of attack

“All indications we have are that Russia is ready to enter Ukraine,” Biden said, addressing reporters on their way to the Marine One helicopter. He added that there was a “high risk” of an attack in the next few days, and that Russia was now raising a “false flag” to trigger an invasion.

– They did not withdraw any troops, they brought in more troops – that’s one thing. Second, we have reason to believe that they were involved in a pseudoscience process to have an excuse to get in. [na Ukrainę] – The chief argued.

Pro-Russian rebels accused the Ukrainian army of firing mortars

Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine have accused Ukrainian forces of shelling their positions with mortars, in violation of agreements…

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Russia’s written response

The President emphasized that the United States had received a written response from Russia to the US counter-proposals for “security guarantees” demanded by Moscow. However, he declined to comment because, he admitted, he had not had the opportunity to read the document.

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Biden also said that there are currently no plans to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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He stressed, however, that there is still a chance for a diplomatic way out of the crisis and that is why he asked the US Secretary of State to appear at the UN Security Council.

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