Millions of viewers in Great Britain watched the BBC Panorama article showing the cruel treatment of animals on a dairy farm. In the article you can hear swearing in Polish.

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BBC Panorama broadcast a film from a Welsh dairy farm recorded by activists from Animal Equity. The video shows farm workers hitting and kicking the lying cow with shovels. At the end you hear the staff insults in Polish. The document contains a warning against extreme scenes.

Evidence of cow abuse on a dairy farm

An animal equality activist who witnessed the incident said that when the animal fell, “the workers’ first reaction was to kick it hard in the side, in the stomach,” and then “kick the cow in the back.” Later, the tail of the animal was pulled out.

On the organization’s website, you can also read about another example of animal abuse. After one of the cows on the farm died a calf, the vet recommended rapid euthanasia to spare her suffering. Her boss did not let her sleep for financial reasons.

Complaints about animal abuse reached the authorities

The organization that prepared the materials emphasizes that such practices are not unique. As we read, activists inspected four dairy farms in six years. In all of them there were examples of cruel treatment of animals or breaking the law. On behalf of the organisation, lawyers at Advocates for Animals have filed a complaint with Carmarthenshire County Council. Maddox Farm’s lawyers claim that there were no wrongdoings in the treatment of the animals.

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The farm visited under investigation supplies milk to the UK’s largest dairy processing plant. From there, the milk goes, among other things, to the cafes of Costa Cove, the supermarket chain Londy’s and British Airways.

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