A poll for the US elections was compiled for The Independent by JL Partners It found that the majority of Americans, 51 percent, said they would be confident while taking a coronavirus vaccine. Among Trump’s supporters, however, that number is declining under a scenario in which Fauci supports a vaccine.

54 percent of the president’s supporters express confidence in a vaccine before Fauci’s endorsement is mentioned.

But then, that number dropped to 45 percent.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Fauci have traded barbs, again, over the past few days.

The president described the world as a “disaster” in a Monday call with campaign staff, and declared that Americans were “tired” of hearing about the Covid-19 virus. He also claimed, without supporting evidence, that had Fauci, and not him, responsible for the federal response, half a million Americans would have died.

The President attacked Dr. Fauci in a call carried with the staff and said that if the world had been responsible, more than 500,000 Americans would have died.

“Fushi is a disaster. If I listened to him, we’d have 500,000 deaths,” Trump said on the call, according to CNN. “If a reporter works, you can get it the way I said, I don’t care much.”

A senior NIH official got the first word, and the president slammed the so-called “superspreader” event earlier this month at the White House for honoring Supreme Court nominee Amy Connie Barrett.

“When I saw that on TV, I said, ‘Oh my God. Nothing good can come out of it, that must be a problem. “It was definitely a super-popular event,” Fauci said on CBS News’ 60 Minutes.

Despite the war of words, Mr. Fauci and Mr. Trump share a defensive stance on how the federal government is handling the pandemic.

He told CBS: “I don’t think, maybe we could have done more than that.”

JL Partners He was commissioned to poll the American electorate on behalf of The Independent And speak to 1,034 participants across the United States

A slim majority of voters said they would be confident of taking the Covid vaccine with 51% saying they would be very confident, 8% neutral and 41% either too confident or not at all.