How Big Dunc was sold without the manager’s knowledge

New player Duncan Ferguson with Newcastle United manager Rod Gullit at a press conference on the club’s grounds. (Photo: Owen Humphries / PA)

David Prentice, Head of Sports at ECHO, has written a book called A Grand Old Team to report on 45 years of following the Blues.

In the first excerpt today, Remembers how Goodison Idol Duncan Ferguson was sold by Chairman Peter Johnson without director Walter Smith’s knowledge.

Walter was his usual cute self when I got in, until I told him Echo had reservations about his claims that he was unaware of the Ferguson sale.

His face darkened to a dark purple as he jumped: “Don’t move. You’re sitting there until you hear him on the phone telling you that I don’t know anything about this transfer!” Then he proceeded to call Peter Johnson’s number.

Try his cell phone. his house. His office number. His yacht number.

Peter has gone to earth. one more time. Since every message from the answering machine was fired into the phone, it was in mortal danger of being attacked through his office. I’ve seen enough.

“Well Walter. Calm down,” I said. “I believe you, and I’ll try to convince them in the office that you don’t know anything about it.”

And in the end it did. But Peter’s partner didn’t help me, my old school friend Lauren Rogers, who had been in contact with Echo, but didn’t ask of me.

I went straight to the news desk, where I informed them that Walter was aware of the sale, but Peter was handling all the ostracism in the club’s favor.

The news desk preferred my version of events.

Walter made it clear that unless a statement was issued from the club confirming that he was not aware of the sale, he would resign. This has meant. The position of club president has become unacceptable.