The Ukrainian human rights spokeswoman, Lyudmila Denisova, on the social networking site, said that the beatings, the lack of food and medical care – the Russian liquidation camps in the villages of Bizymin and Kosaki in the Donetsk region are real concentration camps and contain torture chambers based on the model developed by Nazi Germany. The media.

Last month, the occupiers arrested all the men from several districts in Mariupol as part of the so-called candidacy. About two thousand people were deported to the villages of Bizimin and Kozak in the Nowa Azov region. – Inform Denisoa.

As I described, the Russians did not allow the deported men to take their personal belongings, and passports and other documents were confiscated as part of their identity confirmation. The men were locked up in the school and at the local club. They sleep on the floor in the corridors, and receive no medical care.

It was registered in Bezimenne The first case of tuberculosis. A man died in a camp in the village of Kozaki. The Russians did not allow the entry of medical aid.

Prisoners are given blanda to eat – a soup made of stems and forksWhich, as the human rights spokeswoman commented, “is not fit for consumption.”

Men are beaten and tortured at the slightest sign of disobedience. The detainees in the camps, including the sick and the disabled, are recruited to work under the supervision of the Russian army.

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This week it was announced to our compatriots that they will take part in a “parade”Which will be held on May 9 in Mariupol “as prisoners”. For this reason, they will wear the uniform of the Ukrainian army – Denisowa Books.

The human rights spokeswoman confirmed that most of the women who were hiding from the Russian occupier so as not to be raped and murdered remained in Mariupol. Russian actions in Mariupol are genocide of the Ukrainian nation Denisoa said.