The Office of the Federal Prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York, is investigating alleged interference by Ukrainian officials in the context of the campaign ahead of the 2020 US presidential election and the role that Donald Trump’s attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, played in the process – informs The New York Times.” The newspaper notes that this is one of the many “judicial challenges” facing the administration of President Joe Biden.

“The investigation is to verify whether Ukrainian politicians have attempted to illegally influence the outcome of the US election by providing material for the smear campaign against incumbent President Joe Biden, which was broadcast by President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudolph Giuliani,” writes the Daily.

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The New York Times notes that although the investigation relates to the investigation of Giuliani, which has been going on for nearly two years, he himself is not involved in it. It is about representatives of the Ukrainian establishment, who gave in to pressure from then-US President Donald Trump – Biden’s rival in the race for the presidency and “began to publish unproven allegations against Biden, including through Giuliani, to influence the outcome of the US election.”

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As the newspaper notes, the investigation is similar to that of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, with the difference that the public in the United States is now more sensitive to foreign attempts to influence the course and outcome of the elections.

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It ended with the machinations of Giuliani in two ways.

In the years 2014-2016, Joe Biden, as Vice President of the United States, was responsible for shaping Washington’s policy towards Ukraine. daughter Fisher man At the same time he was a member of the Board of Directors of Burisma Holding Ltd. , One of the largest companies in the Ukrainian gas sector registered in Cyprus. The then US President, Donald Trump, believed that Ukrainian factors should initiate an investigation of Biden Jr in connection with his employment in a Ukrainian holding company, especially in the face of persistent corruption rumors he committed. In the Democratic Party’s view, Trump was misusing his position by urging Ukrainian authorities to discredit Biden in exchange for political promotions for the country.

The FBI, which is examining the circumstances of Giuliani’s trip to Western Europe in December 2019, in which he met a group of Ukrainian officials, is also involved in the investigation that was conducted several months ago, which only happened recently disclosed – as New York confirms. Times -. Among them, a member of the Supreme Council, Andrei Dirkach, played a major role.

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And the New York Daily wrote: “It was the culmination of a conspiracy that had been carried out for at least a year, which Giuliani carried out in two ways.” “On the one hand, it was about gathering information that the Ukrainians had provided that would undermine Biden’s international accomplishments as vice president. On the other hand, it was about persuading the Ukrainian authorities to initiate an investigation into Porisma,” reads the article. In the end, Giuliani’s actions were in vain. Instead, they submitted material for a repeated request to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.

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Dirkash, the son of the former head of Ukraine’s security service, who supported the Orange Revolution and was a member of Viktor Yushchenko’s election team, was subject to sanctions imposed by the US Treasury in January 2021. He was accused of being an active Russian intelligence agent and accused of trying to influence the US presidential election.

A spokesman for the Brooklyn-based Federal Prosecutor’s Office declined to comment on the investigation against the Ukrainians, the New York Times wrote. “The Manhattan Attorney General’s press office did the same,” he adds.

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Judicial challenges to the new administration

The paper notes that the investigation into “Ukrainian interference” is one of the many “judicial challenges” facing the current administration when it comes to the Russian or Ukrainian footprint in current politics.

In addition to the Giuliani investigation, which is being conducted by a team of the New York City State Attorney’s Office, there is an ongoing investigation at the Department of Justice into the manner in which Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has been investigating. Russiagate case. There is also an investigation into alleged tax fraud by Hunter Biden, which is partly linked to his activities in Ukraine, “New York Times” lists.

The end of April this year, the FBI agents They searched Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment. It was part of an investigation into foreign interference in American politics.

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