Princess Kate loves to play with fashion, and at the same time adheres to all the restrictive dress guidelines of members of the royal family. Although he loves colours, he avoids one thing like fire. The reason is surprising.

Kate Middleton A decade ago, she joined the royal family. Her wedding to Prince William was one of the greatest media events of the past decades. Many guests attended during the wonderful party. It was held on April 29, 2011. It was a holiday for all Britons. More than a million people gathered on the streets of London to watch the passing of young couples. On that day, the bride wore a lace dress handmade by the Royal School of Tailoring. The unique selection of flowers in the pattern symbolizes the United Kingdom. The Duchess was pleased with the perfect creation and figure.

William’s wife quickly gained the sympathy of fans of the royal family. It has also become a tabloid favorite. Wherever it appears, it really impresses. She was praised not only for openness and style, but also for her exemplary style.

Princess Kate avoids one color in her style

Princess Kate quickly became a style icon. The daughter-in-law of Prince Charles is very actively involved in the life of the royal family. She fulfills her duties to the monarchy with great commitment, which she combines with the care of three children. Every time he appears in public, he collects many praises for his creations, which fully correspond to the circumstances. She has been praised not only for her modern approach to fashion and following trends, but above all for her ability to combine it with the royal family. dress code.

Kate often opts for monochromatic styles and is definitely not afraid of colour. Over the years, you could see them in all the colors of the rainbow. You often find them in her favorite shades of blue. However, it avoids the orange color and has its reasons. It was initially said that this is due to the fact that it is not very easy to shoot in it. However, the truth turned out to be completely different. William’s wife simply thinks this is not a color for her.

The psychologist of color commented on this for the magazine Okay It is also believed that it is important to identify the features in orange. Perhaps that is why royal designers advise against designing the Duchess in these colors. It’s a color: superficial, inexpensive, dependent, uncommunicative, or too proud.

Have you ever noticed that Duchess Kate avoids the color orange?

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