As part of the upcoming KinoTerapia series meeting, we invite you to watch parts of the movie “Nomadland” together and discuss interpersonal relationships and the challenges of the modern world.

A woman in her 60s chooses the itinerant life of the modern Bedouin after losing her possessions as a result of the recession. The Oscar-winning movie “Nomadland” is an intimate story about what a home is, but also about the challenges of the modern world, about friendship and love, about the need for freedom, the feeling of lack of understanding and appropriateness, and on the one hand, on the one hand, the lack of empathy and sensitivity of other members of society, And even families.

The film touches on many important and universal themes that allow the viewer, in current times of polarization of opinion, to take a step back and look at certain issues from a different perspective.

KinoTerapia is a discussion club that uses blockbuster movies as an excuse to exchange opinions on topics in the field of psychology. The meetings are free and have a workshop character, and each participant is encouraged to participate in an active conversation. During a closed session, participants watch excerpts from films (without revealing plot details), and then in subgroups they discuss the presented problem. The discussion will be moderated by experts in psychology and social communication.

The project targets Poles and Polish-speaking people living in Great Britain, particularly in Scotland, and works under the auspices of Feniks – Counseling, Personal Development and Support Services Ltd. During the lockdown period, meetings are held online via the Zoom platform. Registered participants receive a link to the course.

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