The truck was suspended over a 30-meter-long valley. Down incident Signed in Idaho United States of America. W. The Car There was a married couple and two The same. They didn’t fall into the narrow canyon just because the truck was hanging from the safety chain that attached it to the trailer that flipped sideways but stayed on the bridge. The rescue team operating on the spot released pictures from the rescue operation.

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Accident in Frambol, near Bujurai. The truck collided with the restaurant. Monitor the registry

Accident in the United States. The tragedy is prevented by safety chains

The accident occurred on Interstate 84, over Malad Gorge, 30 miles northwest of Twin Falls.

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The heroic effort of several emergency response services helped keep occupants safe. They are on their way to the local hospital with wounds that do not appear to be life-threatening. Safety chains from the trailer prevented the truck from falling into the valley

– Posted on Twitter police Idaho State.

An amazing accident and a happy ending. They have all been saved

The couple and their dogs were rescued. Rescuers climbed downstairs to the cabin, helping passengers buckle up and take them to the bridge. The couple were taken to hospital, although they did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

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