Sony today revealed seven productions for the PS4 and PS5 that will debut on the PlayStation Store in the coming weeks. The list includes Disco Elysium, among others, but PlayStation Indies will also offer some other interesting games. Check out the summary.

Shuhei Yoshida invited gamers to the next PlayStation Indies show and Sony has again systematically introduced games targeting PS4 and PS5. I mentioned earlier about Operation Tango and Chicory: A Colorful TaleAnd even served Disco Elysium final release dateHowever, the Japanese producer offered the players four more titles.

Nour: Play with your food Is it a mix of a musical game with … food? During the game, players will create different sounds using the dishes. Throwing fruit on the plate will generate music, and this is the concept introduced by the developers. The game is heading to the PS5.

Where the heart leads It is a narrative game that focuses on making decisions in one person’s life. The title’s creators were inspired by Heavy Rain, Oxenfree, Xenogears, and Vagrant Story, among others, and the title is to present the story of a man searching for his dog. The events will provide a surreal, unexpected plot. The title will debut July 13 on PS5 and PS4.

Confusing places It is a suggestion for loyal puzzle fans, because the situation is based on arranging different 3D sets. The authors will scan real places, and the entire game will take place in virtual reality (PlayStation VR).

Heavenly bodies It is another puzzle game that focuses on physics based puzzles. The gameplay is supposed to be based on the use of the board function, and during the presentation we saw an astronaut, which the player will be able to control freely. The gameplay displays the displayed material very well, because the developers focused on the pure gameplay. The title is coming to PS5 and PS4.

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And summary: