Four skiers were killed and four were saved – an avalanche in Milkcreek Canyon near Salt Lake City in the US state of Utah on Saturday.

According to the state avalanche monitoring facility, Sliders inadvertently caused the snow to slide. Some of them managed to get out of the snow on their own and called emergency services. The survivors sustained only minor injuries. They are also cooled.

The day before the tragedy in the Millcreek Valley, a landslide occurred, but no one was hurt. The Utah Avalanche Center – which provides information on the state of avalanches in the state – said the area “has unsafe avalanche conditions”. Despite the warnings, the next day, eight friends, ages 23 to 38, went skiing in a dangerous area.

Saturday’s avalanche in Utah was the most tragic event in the United States in seven yearsWhen a snowmobile on Mount Rainer, Washington, kills six skiers.

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