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Trump supporters raided the Capitol building

“They will deceive us if we are wrong, but if we are right, many of them will go to prison. […] Let’s hold a trial in combat. ” Rudy Giuliani On January 6 during the previous speech riot In the Capitol. Donald Trump’s personal attorney yet Once He published the latest allegations and conspiracy theories about falsifying the results elections Presidential in United States of AmericaAlthough there is no evidence of electoral fraud.

United States of America. New York attorneys condemned the Capitol riots. ‘Coup attempt’

The State Bar Association responds to Rudy Giuliani’s words New York (NYSBA). An investigation has been opened to remove a personal lawyer Donald Trump From the list of members of the organization. The NYSBA condemned the Capitol riots and admitted that it had received “hundreds of complaints” in recent months about the actions of Giuliani, who had been questioning the presidential election results for months. United States of America.

Leaked FBI memo about the nationwide protests. Great uprising

“This decision is historic for the New York Business Agency, and it was not easy to make,” read a statement from the New York State Bar Association. “We cannot stand idly by and let those who want to tear the fabric of our democracy out of control.” CNN.

The New York Business Administration also said that Guiliani’s comments on the January 6 rally were aimed at “encouraging Trump supporters who are unhappy with the election results to take matters into their own hands.”

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The document stated that “their next attack on the Capitol was nothing more than a coup attempt to prevent a peaceful transfer of power.”

If Rudy Giuliani was removed from the NYSBA membership list, he would be able to appeal the association’s decision.

Rudy GiulianiGiuliani argued – with a stain of paint on his face – that Trump had won the election